Wait for the Warm Up! Stay Cool with CoolSculpting

April 10, 2017

coolsculpting iowa

coolsculpting iowaYou may be seeing the temperatures start to rise here in Iowa, but don’t get too excited about that warm-up just yet. There is still time to keep your cool, which will get you ready for the hotter weather ahead. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary body contouring process that will help you shape your curves just in time for bathing suit season.

Cooling Action, Slimming Benefits

CoolSculpting offers non-invasive body sculpting that uses a unique process known as cryolipolysis. Scientists have discovered that fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other cell types in the body. They used this knowledge to create a device that freezes and destroys fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue in the treatment area. The frozen cells can then be eliminated by the body over the weeks following treatment, while you see those stubborn bulges disappear as if by magic.

CoolSculpting is appropriate for men and women who have achieved a stable weight but can’t seem to get rid of those fat deposits with any amount of exercise or calorie-counting. The procedure works on any skin type and tone and can help patients who aren’t good candidates for surgery achieve the body contours they are looking for without anesthesia or incisions.

Sculpt and Tone All Your Problem Spots

CoolSculpting is a versatile procedure that can address a variety of treatment areas, thanks to different applicators that have been specifically designed to deliver the concentrated cooling. While the abdomen, hips and flanks are the most popular treatment areas, CoolSculpting also sculpts the back, thighs, and even the submental fat that develops underneath the chin.

Enjoy Results for Many Years to Come A CoolSculpting treatment session takes about one hour to complete and is not associated with significant discomfort. Our patients often choose to read or watch a video during their session. In many cases, patients will see full fat reduction after a single treatment session. However, some may opt for a second treatment a few months after the first to see even more sculpting.

Your results develop over time, and you may not realize your full outcome until about 3-4 months after the treatment. Once your new body contour is fully apparent, you should be able to enjoy those sculpted curves forever if you don’t gain weight after your procedure. Fat cells are fully eliminated in the treated areas, which helps you keep that slimmer profile as long as you keep up with your healthy lifestyle.

Right for Any Time of the Year

CoolSculpting is a procedure that you can indulge in any time of the year. Unlike some laser treatments, there is no worry about UV rays from the sun affecting the treatment area. All of the action takes place underneath the skin’s surface, so the only way you will know it’s working is by the slimming you start to notice in the treatment areas.

If you think you would like to take advantage of this procedure for the summer season, now is the time to start. By the time you are ready to get that bathing suit out of your closet, you should be seeing significant improvement in your stubborn areas of fat. Contact PCI Plastic Surgery at 319-382-8230 to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Andrews and find out if CoolSculpting is the right choice for you.


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